Technical Hybrid/Microgrid

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For years, DEIF has worked to develop energy-efficient solutions and products that reduce the consumption of fossil fuel as well as costly maintenance intervals. Our power management solutions are capable of handling hybrid stations combining, for instance, solar and diesel power. Most recently, we’ve even added weather forecasting capabilities to our long list of offered functionalities.

At this webinar, we will quickly go over buzzwords like microgrid, greenfield/brownfield, and integrated vs. stand-alone hybrid. We’ll then move on to technical details related to the handling of both battery and solar sources, such as charge/discharge schemes, curtailment and derating, load dependent start/stop with gensets, and the various modes of operation available.

DEIF’s emulation feature will also be covered and demonstrated. This will show you what is possible and how easy it is to test all sequence of operations and failure scenarios, right from your desk.

Webinar agenda:

  • Defining terms related to microgrid/hybrid industry
  • Solar controller functions - spinning reserve, curtailment, derate, etc.
  • Battery controller functions - AC or DC coupled, charge/discharge schemes, energy management, etc.
  • Emulation – Easily test everything at your desk before installation and onsite commissioning.


You will understand the depth of features and functions that are available in the ASC-4 Solar and Battery controllers as well as how they work together with AGC-4 Mains and Genset controllers to supply an efficient and reliable Hybrid/ Microgrid power management solution.

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