Hybrid rental power

By adding ESSes (energy storage systems) to your power rental fleet, you can lower emissions and offer mobile power solutions for use round the clock in sensitive areas. DEIF controllers control the ESS units, automatically charging and discharging them based on your priorities and power set points. If ESSes are combined with gensets, the ESS controllers interface with the genset controllers to optimise the diesel genset load, maximise efficiency, and lower carbon footprint. 

DEIF controllers can also charge ESSes from PV panels or from the mains grid at night when power rates are low. The flexible utility software allows you to reconfigure all DEIF controllers for new jobs quickly and efficiently.

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Brown Field Battery Standalone 2 Asc

ASC 150 Storage

ASC 150 Storage Front

The ASC 150 Storage provides effective, flexible, and scalable energy storage system (ESS) control with a wide range of options for greenfield and brownfield hybrid power applications.

It can be used on its own for ESS/hybrid rental or integrated in third-party plant control solutions or a DEIF power management system.

The controller optimises the battery power, to save fuel and maximise green penetration.

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ASC-4 Battery

ASC 4 Battery Front

The ASC-4 Battery lets you quickly and easily add energy storage systems (ESS) such as batteries in greenfield hybrid applications with other DEIF controllers, providing seamless energy storage in commercial and industrial applications.

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