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DEIF’s integrated Delomatic 400 Hydro (DM 400 Hydro) controller is primarily a hydro turbine modular process controller, designed specifically for hydro turbine generator applications.

The DM 400 Hydro main features are:

Power Flow speed regulator

A regulator more suited for hydro turbines than the more common PID regulator. The Power Flow regulator has been proven in numerous hydro turbine installations all over the world.

AC measurement, control and protection

The AC measurement system offers measurement of all AC values, synchronisation and a number of generator and busbar/mains protections.

Turbine type: Francis and similar

Control of wicket gate position.

Turbine type: Kaplan

As Francis, plus control of runner pitch. The relation between wicket gate opening and runner pitch is a configurable curve laid into the DM 400 Hydro.

Turbine type: Pelton/Turgo

Configurable sequential control of multiple nozzle/spear valves. Control of deflector/bypass.

Control of auxiliaries

Apart from valve control (speed control valve(s), main valve, drain valve, fill valve), the DM 400 Hydro also includes control of auxiliaries such as hydraulic power pack, brakes, jacks, cooling system, lubrication system and so on. Everything is carried out using parameter settings, removing the need for programming.

Due to the modular hardware of the DM 400 Hydro, it can be fitted with the needed inputs and outputs to match the requirements in question.

  • Hydro Turbine Controller for parallel with mains or stand-alone generator
  • Valve controls (main/drain/fill)
  • Water level control
  • Relay or analogue output for speed/power control
  • Turbine control, protection and supervision
  • Generator control, protection and supervision


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