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Want to see what the future has in store for you?

Sign up for one of DEIF’s Critical Hospital Power Webinars (in English) on 6 June 2018 from 9AM or 3PM CET and spend 1 hour getting up to speed on everything there is to know about emergency power control systems for hospitals anywhere in the world. As you are well aware, medical facilities and hospitals depend on 100% reliable power supply at all times to avoid loss of life. They need to be ‘grid independent’, meaning they have their own standby power generators and they are able to run for several hours during a grid power failure. Blackouts caused by unexpected errors are unacceptable.

At this webinar, we’ll go through important things to consider during the system design stages, including ideal communication lines and principles, system testing without blackouts, integrated load management, soft transformer starting and much, much more.

Listen to the webinar here

Webinar agenda:

  • Development within emergency power solutions – from low to medium voltage
  • Requirements around the world
  • Communication lines and typologies
  • Load management & handling load groups in other ways than through a Building Management System
  • Transformer soft starting principles
  • Redundant solutions
  • Mains ATS functionality
  • Touch screen user interface

If you’d like to know what’s behind buzzwords like ‘remote monitoring’, ‘asymmetric load sharing’, ‘digital voltage control’, ‘load profile priority’ and ‘redundant operation’ you’re in for a treat with this webinar. Sign up and experience the meaning behind DEIF’s brand promise: POWER EFFICIENCY.

Christian Richard Bech, Webinar Master, DEIF A/S

+45 9614 4323 |