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DEIF A/S ranked second-best workplace of the year in Denmark!

DEIF A/S came in second in the national competition to become best workplace in Denmark in 2017 at the 3F labour Union’s business & growth conference ‘Vision Denmark’. The decision fell 30 November in the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s concert hall in Copenhagen. Seven DEIF employees were present at the ceremony. 

’Of course, we would have preferred to win, but to me, DEIF is still number one’, commented Pia Kalms, long-time DEIF employee who nominated DEIF for the award. ‘The mere fact that we made it to the finals is worth celebrating. We’re very proud of it’, Executive Vice President & Managing Director Mogens Garder continues. ‘And it means a great deal to us in relation to our company image and general reputation, for instance when it comes to recruitment’.  

The jury was particularly focused on corporate social responsibility – an area Pia knows all about because of long-term illness. ‘I was very sick with severe body infections and had actually been approved for early retirement benefits. But in cooperation with DEIF and our health insurance we managed to fight it off enough for me be back at work on full time’, she says. ‘It’s fantastic’.

The main theme at the conference was the global competitiveness of Danish business life, and included numerous interesting speakers from business life and politic parties. Not least an interesting panel debate on competitiveness among the three finalist companies.  Mogens Garder represented DEIF. ‘It was an extremely exciting day with a lot of different takes on how we can make sure that Denmark maintains a future competitiveness in a global perspective too. DEIF is a knowledge-intensive workplace fully dependent on highly specialised employees, so to us, the lack of qualified manpower remains one of the biggest threats to our continued competitiveness’, he sums up the day.  

About the prize and why DEIF was nominated

For more than 20 years, the 3F labour union has elected the workplace of the year as a tribute to the many Danish companies doing extraordinarily well within their line of business for the benefit of society, the economy and their employees. Companies can only enter the competition if they are nominated by an employee. 

This year, DEIF has been nominated by Pia Kalms. In her nomination, she writes: 
I would like to nominate DEIF because they really embrace their social responsibility... [...]
DEIF has stayed at the forefront of wind power and green energy and the company stands by its responsibility as an industrial company. So all waste is sorted and the factory is heated using geothermal energy. Unfortunately, we have not yet been permitted to erect a wind turbine at our premises. Staff benefits are excellent. We’re offered on-site physiotherapy and partial payment of a wide range of leisure activities, and the food is served in our canteen every day by our wonderful chefs.