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Pitch into the future - Is your pitch drive reliable?

Introducing DEIF pitch system designs with high reliability and ISO 13849 Safety standards

“You can easily put a blade into high wind, but if you don’t pitch correctly, you can destroy the turbine. Pitching is finding the right angle of the blade in the right wind condition.” Jacob Danielsen, Product Manager and Specialist in pitch system designs

With more than 10 years of experience in Wind Power Technology on the Global market, we put significance on introducing our new upgraded pitch control system solution based on the brand new Integrated Motor Drive (IMD), which is a high reliable pitch drive for electrical pitch systems. It is our main focus to optimize wind turbine systems to match customers’ needs. For this purpose, the new Integrated Motor Drive is a critical key-component in the entire pitch system, designed to fit into a customized design solution.

The benefits of the new integrated version of the pitch drive is cost reducing as additional components are integrated into IMD making it easier for installation. Furthermore, the entire pitch system is secured high reliability and a maximum performance level.

ISO 13849 Safety on Pitch System

The new Integrated Motor Drive as part of a customized pitch system is approved to comply with the Safety Standards of ISO 13849. The pitch system is safety system are both machine and human safety, the importance of stopping the wind turbine if there is an error are crucial.

Key Indicators of the Pitch System:

  • Patent pending
  • Maximum performance level – ISO 13849 SafetyPatent Pending
  • High Performance by 190 Amp peak current
  • Dynamic model of entire Pitch System (as .dll representation) available for load analysis and system optimization in FLEX or BLADED

DEIF Pitch System and Integrated Motor Drive for Pitch Control will be introduced at Wind Energy Hamburg in September 2016. 

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