Shore connection

DEIF offers a complete range of reliable shore connection solutions that can be retrofitted on existing vessels or integrated in new-build projects. We offer solutions for all ship types, and for port stays from just a few hours to several months (ship-to-ship supply). Our solutions are IEC/ISO/IEEE 80005 compliant and class approved.

Our protection and synchronisation products enable integration with any power management system (PMS), but shore connection solutions integrated in DEIF PMSes offer maximum ease of use for the crew, with one-touch changeover from ship mode to shore mode and vice versa. Our solutions are equally suitable for powering shipboard equipment and charging hybrid propulsion batteries .

Benefits with a DEIF shore connection solution

  • Ease of use – consistent compliance with port emission regulations
  • Reduced fuel consumption and auxiliary/generator wear
  • Strong green profile through reduced climate footprint

Want to know more about shore connections? Check out this post on the DEIF blog  – or call us for a talk about your requirements and what we can do to help you reduce emissions in port.

Related products

Power management

Delomatic 4

  • Easily configured for shore connection applications
  • One-touch auto sequences
  • User-friendly interface

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Protection & power management


  • Versatile, flexible, and intelligent controller platform
  • Does not require external control from PLC/operator
  • Easy upgrade/retrofit with Flexible Modbus

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Paralleling & protection unit

PPU 300

Highly configurable controller for marine use

Requires external control from PLC/operator

User-friendly logic configuration tool

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Phase sequence meter


  • Indicates correct and incorrect connection of phases
  • Alarm indication on phase breakage
  • DIN standard size: Q96

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