On-site project services

On-site project services – when and where you need them

Our highly educated service technicians, project engineers and project managers always stand ready to help solve service task on site.On-site software adjustments, optimising parameter settings, complete system check, Harbour (HAT) and Sea Acceptance Test (SAT) and training of the crew are just a few examples of typical tasks our experts know their way around.

On-site service examples for DEIF products: 

  • On-site DEIF equipment configuration adjustments
  • Optimisation of parameter settings
  • Complete functional check 
  • Crew training 
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • Harbour (HAT) and Sea Acceptance Test (SAT) 
  • On-site repair of DEIF equipment
  • Exchange of hardware 
  • Commissioning 
  • Participation in technical meetings as your technical advisor/consultant

Contact us to learn more or to receive a copy of our service and commissioning conditions.

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