New buildings

Combining our know-how within standard and engineered solutions developed for quick and seamless installation and commissioning, we're experts in handling new building projects from cradle to grave cooperating closely with you.

DEIF specialises in integrated control solutions that are simple, user-friendly and cost-efficient alternatives to standard controllers and completely eliminate the need for external modules. Our solutions can also include project-specific HMI solutions.

Our dedicated expert teams for turnkey solutions deliver project management from A to Z to minimise your risk and maximise performance. We also offer training, simulator and FAT facilities, site tests and commissioning. DEIF assumes responsibility for the functionality of the application, delivering pre-configured and tested parameter files, project-specific documentation, etc.

DEIF's project solutions can for instance include the following:

  • Overall description
  • Project management
  • Application solutions
  • Consultancy
  • Specifications review
  • Help to installation
  • Review of schematical drawings
  • Pre-inspection

Need help?

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