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Manufacturing Test

During the manufacturing process, all of our PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) are coated with an eco-friendly protective layer. After assembly, the products are each labelled with a unique bar code. The code allows for access to test and adjustment data, which ensures traceability throughout the lifetime of the final product.

In case we detect a fault during the manufacturing process, it will be registered with a code. The code enables us to generate fault statistics for analytical purposes and to carry out corrective and preventive actions.

Before delivery, all products undergo a final automatic quality check. The results are saved in a database for future reference – if necessary.

All products undergo the following manufacturing tests:

  • ATE (Automatic Test of Electronic Circuit) – testing and adjustment of mounted PCBs
  • ATM (Automatic Test Machine) – testing of PCBs with displays
  • HSP (High-voltage Test) – check of finished products for compliance with safety requirements
  • ATS (Automatic Test System) – testing and configuration of finished products
  • VTS (Visual Test System) – automatic testing and adjustment of relevant instruments
  • Visual inspection

Facts about DEIF tests:

  • Unique in-house design department with in-house test equipment
  • Our test equipment integrates the latest technologies
  • Many test sequences are performed automatically ensuring uniform test procedures
  • All testing procedures are handled by highly skilled engineers who never compromise on quality

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DEIF는 수십 년간 독창적인 상표를 통해 소프트웨어 업데이트에 대한 무제한 무료 접근, 기술적으로 상세한 제품 설명서 및 미래의 산업 관련 주제에 대한 교육적이고 고무적인 백서를 제공합니다.