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Why our quality tests are unequalled

Our test centre is part of our ISO 9001 certified quality management system and houses some of the most advanced testing facilities in the world. They allow us to carry out all the relevant tests for marine classification approvals, CE marking, MED approvals, UL, etc. – under our own roof. Your benefits include:

  • Products and product updates can be released without delay due to our fast and efficient test and approval procedures.
  • Specific demands regarding robustness, functionality, design, etc. will be met due to our intensive non-classification tests
  • Products in serial production are continuously subject to verifying type tests
  • Easy access to facilities allowing for simulation and recreation of real-life impacts

Extreme environments and critical applications

Only unique test systems will ensure solution designs of the necessary quality to handle the most extreme environments and critical applications. One of such test systems is found at DEIF. It enables us to deliver a consistently convincing performance regardless of the application or the circumstances: hospitals, banks or IT-departments, deep sea oil platforms, Middle Eastern power plants or Siberian emergency generators. We afford ourselves no slip-ups. 

In safe hands

No need to worry if our solution works in practice or not. Our approach to product development is based on nearly 80 years of continuous live testing. This has resulted in one of the most rugged and reliable technology profiles in the world today. 


What it means

Quality as culture

Since 1933, we have been determined to constantly improve ourselves. From idea to implementation, our business partners should expect nothing but the best. This way of thinking has created a unique mindset that influences the quality of what we do on all levels. From start to finish, we do everything we can to make sure that the requirements of each and every customer are met. To us, quality is not just a key competition parameter – it is part of who we are.

Safeguarding quality

The key to understanding why DEIF’s concept of quality is different from most others is our system of ongoing evaluation and improvement. Once an idea has been introduced, it is subject to a perpetual cycle of quality improvement. The implication is that we can always do better. Because of our systematic approach, we can detect, correct and prevent errors down to the smallest levels of detail. As a consequence, our results are matched by few others.

One fault is too many

DEIF has a policy of zero tolerance on faults: One is too many. Yet, low tolerance alone does not stop faults from happening. That is why we always follow up on cases of irregular product performance – wherever and whenever they may occur. Should a customer experience a problem, each complaint will receive individual attention and prompt feedback from us.

At your service – anytime, anywhere

We have an extensive network of service centres across the world. Choosing DEIF as your supplier includes flexible and fast on-site technical assistance – globally, locally and 24-7. Our centres enable us to ensure correct installation, stable operation and an absolute minimum of downtime.

Meeting your demands

We go to great lengths to meet your demands. Our supporters noted for a level of knowledge and hands-on experience that goes far beyond the complexity of our own products. They understand how to develop customised solutions based on the customer’s requirements. More importantly, they understand the importance of sharing their knowledge with you.