Human life is invaluable, and hospitals play an essential role in saving lives. However, saving lives not only depends on having sophisticated and expensive equipment but also on having a reliable power system. DEIF has been delivering high-quality products and systems to hospital infrastructure all over the world.

Our capabilities within specification, engineering, design, supply and commissioning of power systems make DEIF a reliable partner for EPC companies and system designers and integrators, designing hospital infrastructure.

DEIF’s reliable and fast back up system brings the power back up within 6 seconds, ensuring that all critical systems keep running. The system can be designed and set up to automatically test its health status periodically ensuring that the power system will take over in case of a blackout or utility power outage.

The patent-pending emulation feature in DEIF’s controllers enables a thorough validation of the power system operation during design and also in preparing the system during commissioning.