V47 series

The V47 was the world’s first mass-produced wind turbine, and the model is installed widely in Europe and the US. 

The first V47 turbines are reaching the end of their design life of 20 years, but a DEIF retrofit will increase turbine performance and prolong turbine lifetime with several years. 


The turbine is robust, and many of the turbines are still in operation despite having exceeded the 20-year design life. However, some weaknesses can occur. In cases where the turbine is relocated, a redesign is needed


Owners need 100% control and understanding of the turbine performance. A DEIF control system gives full data access and a clear insight into the turbine performance providing you with a modern, fast and reliable solution. 

Owners often experience VRCC failures on the V47 turbine, entailing high repair and downtime cost. A DEIF control system eliminates the need for the VRCC power unit.


At a high wind site, power production can be increased by 1-2% if the max output is lowered. Besides, manning and spare parts, for instance the VRCC unit, can be avoided. 
At medium wind sites the power production can be improved significantly as the control system optimises to the optimal pitch faster.


DEIF’s solution for the V47 turbines is installed at several sites and supports various strategies. The controller technology is based on several years of experience, and the modern and robust hardware is tested and proved.


The solution is a standard stock item, and the installation at site only takes 1 or 2 days. The delivery comprises a control package including the sensors required. DEIF offers supervision systems with or without report service.

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