These turbines are often part of a microgrid project or installed at places with special feed-in tariffs.
They are rarely used on standard sites. 


The size of the turbines makes the model attractive for smaller systems. However, the control system is obsolete, and many repairs are seen. Further, the control system cannot control the turbine need for the application. 


The new and modern control system offers control methods and strategies that not were available in the original turbine. This can be limiting the power output or a special control philosophy to support the microgrid. It is necessary to install a new control system to fulfil the site requirements. 


Because the control system is needed to fulfil the site standard, the control system enables the complete business case of the wind turbine installation.   


Most sites will need a complete change of the control philosophy, so it requires an update of both the controller hardware and software.


DEIF has experience with most site-specific operations and models, and therefore the package is standard and can be delivered within a few weeks. New operations requirements can be discussed.