Turbine control solution for EWT

DEIF Wind Power Technology has upgraded the turbine controller platform, AWC 500, to comply with grid protection requirements G59/3 stated in the UK. The upgrade was launched by demand from the turbine manufacturer EWT, the market leading turbine supplier in the sub MW category for a robust turbine controller that complies with UK’s grid protection requirements G59/3.

The first turbine in a series is commissioned with DEIF turbine controller G59/3 relay

DEIF Wind Power Technology’s AWC 500 with G59/3 protection functionalities has been integrated into an upgraded converter solution of EWT’s wind turbines to readjust to utilities’ new protection requirements. What the requirements do by being integrated into the controller platform, is to instantly disconnect the generator to the grid for protection in case of grid faults. This summer, EWT has commissioned the first wind turbine of the many to come with DEIF Wind Power Technology’s upgraded controller platform solution, which includes G59/3 protection functionalities.

Turbine owners and manufacturers save time, money and space with DEIF’s upgraded controller

By integrating G59/3 protection functionality directly into the turbine controller platform (AWC 500) to constitute as one completely integrated component, turbine owners and manufacturers save investing a large amount of time and money on external components to comply to the G59/3 requirements. Here, you can say that the AWC 500 is integrated all-in-one with G59/3 functionality and this saves space for integration to the entire platform.

The technology behind upgrading a controller platform with G59/3 protection functionalities

Normally, a controller platform requires a new designed controller system and a fitted relay to protect the connection to the grid. DEIF Wind Power Technology has with own technology, know-how and resources in UK managed to integrate all the vital functions into one complete Grid Protection Module (GPM5·1) to fit into the AWC 500.

In addition, a second GPM5·1 card is integrated specifically for EWT for the purpose of enabling the power converter to measure the generator’s speed. This shows the advantage of our modular platform where DEIF Wind Power Technology can add value and integrate additional features without investing in external components.

Only by integration of relevant functions a satisfactory profit is obtainable and cost saving turbine owners and manufacturers when investing in a complete system. In order to do this, it is important to have an overview and understanding of the application, which is what DEIF Wind Power Technology does. Technology is applied to give the customer an advantage and at the same time create and advantage and build know-how for business development!

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