DEIF commissions the world’s first offshore Vestas* V47 wind park in Sweden

The world’s first offshore Vestas* V47 wind park in Sweden completed by Danish Momentum Gruppen A/S in partnership with DEIF Wind Power Technology

Recently, the partner companies Momentum Gruppen A/S and DEIF Wind Power Technology finished the completion of a repowering project 4 km off the coast of the Swedish island of Gotland. In close partnership with DEIF as technology partner, the five turbines were re-commissioned on November 23, 2018, after undergoing an extensive technological and mechanical upgrade. 

DEIF Wind Power Technology has delivered the control solution and technology as well as an intelligent wind park control solution for the five Vestas* V47 turbines. Danish WindTech has supplied the mechanical parts to refurbish the V47s.

“The partnership with DEIF Wind Power Technology has been very successful and DEIF retrofit specialists have been very supportive throughout the start-up phase to installation and commissioning of the wind park. DEIF has delivered the control solution for the 5 repowered V47 turbines and has contributed to a significant upgrade of the turbines. We see a potential for a strong future collaboration for repower projects of older turbines and the collaboration with DEIF indicates that they will be our most important collaboration partners for these projects” says Kim Madsen, CEO of Momentum Gruppen A/S

The project included the replacement of the nacelles, the blades and the control systems of five worn-out 500 kW WindWorld turbines from 1998, one of the world’s earliest offshore projects. These parts were replaced by newly refurbished parts from five Vestas* V47 660 kW turbines. 

The towers, the foundations and the sea cables passed an extensive durability test and are therefore reused. 

To comply to the owner’s demands and desire to obtain an easy daily operation and control of the wind park, DEIF has customised the control solution with specialised functionalities such as warnings and reduced operation in case of faults.  Combined with a DEIF intelligent park control management system (WPPM) for the owner to monitor and control the offshore wind park from land. 

The consequence of the exchange is the prolongation of the turbine’s technical lifetime of +15 years and more than a doubling of the expected yearly output approximately from 5.000 MWh. to 11.000 MWh. 

“The project is a result of listening to and complying with the asset owners who today expect and demand that their asset manager can take care of all processes of the life cycle of a green energy project, which in turn improves the returns on their investment.” States Kim Madsen, the CEO of Momentum Gruppen A/S 

The project proves that a complete recycling and refurbishment of older turbines in many cases is the best, and often the only, solution for older turbines due to different factors like limited net capacity, height restrictions, worn-out mechanical parts etc.  

*) “Vestas” is a trademark of Vestas Wind Systems A/S. The trademark owner is not associated with our products or services.

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