Project solutions ​

We always recommend to select a complete DEIF project solution for your application. With the experience from thousands of DEIF project solutions, our project managers will take the full responsibility for the DEIF application solution and guide you right from specification to commissioning.

Project solutions may for example include:

  • Participate on technical meetings as technical advisor
  • Analysis and preparation of single line diagrams for DEIF product solutions
  • Customised documentation for the DEIF system solution
  • Developing of customised project software
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) with classification society
  • Participate on technical meetings as your technical solution advisor (consultancy)
  • Retrofit package solution including complete cabinet for DEIF controller, installation of DEIF equipment and certification of the DEIF solution
  • Graphical touch screen project solution 

Each of our project solutions will be tested on dedicated test switchboards and approved by the classification societies.

When ordering a DEIF project solution each project will have a dedicated project manager and a unique project number. All information will be saved on our servers for availability even after many years. 

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