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Wind indicator system solution

Wind indicator system solution

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Wind indicator system solution

The wind is an uncontrollable force of nature with a high impact on marine operations and offshore projects. 

Having detailed real-time wind data is crucial, regardless of whether your ship is located on the sea or in port, and it enables you to make informed decisions. 

DEIF has a comprehensive range of products for wind monitoring such as accurate wind sensors, weather sensors, modern wind displays and wind alarms. 

Thousands and thousands of ships trust in DEIF’s wind measuring equipment. No matter whether you need a wind alarm or a fully integrated wind measuring solution, we have the perfect solution for you. The products can be matched in multiple ways forming a system that matches your exact needs. 


Illuminated indicator with preinstalled standard wind indicator library. There is direct access to functions using the pushbuttons on the front and it supports both analogue wind sensors and wind sensors with CAN communication.


Wind indicator

WSS 550

The ultrasonic measuring principle with no moving parts gives reliable performance.


Wind Alarm solution

WAU 100

Touch screen wind alarm unit which monitors the wind speed and direction during operation in port and activates alarms if the set points are exceeded.

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