Repair (RMA)

DEIF guidance to customers regarding product returns

DEIF is an ISO 9001 certified company maintaining the strictest product quality and with the ultimate goal of achieving a zero fault level. However, should a product nevertheless fail we will repair or replace the product in accordance with our standard terms and conditions.

This is to guide you through our product return process.

Is the product defective?

A number of returned products turn out not to be defective with their malfunctioning being attributable to other causes, such as wrong installation or signal failure caused by other components of the installation environment.  In order to avoid such inconveniences please check the installation carefully before you decide to return the product. Returned products undergo a careful examination at our factory and you may be charged for this effort in case of no faults found in accordance with our standard rates. If in doubt please contact our service department at or +45 9614 9614.

Can the problem be cured on site?

For products with embedded software the problem may be curable by downloading alternative or updated software versions. Please check our download centre site whether there are such options available. If in doubt, please contact

Is returning a product cost effective?

Before deciding for a return we encourage that you check the cost efficiency of the returning rather than ordering a new product. Depending on the new product and the old product return cost it may be more affordable to purchase a new product.

Products covered under warranty

Your DEIF products are covered by DEIF’s replacement guarantee for the period of time stipulated in DEIF’s terms and conditions of sale and delivery applicable in your country of residence, unless otherwise agreed. If in doubt, please contact your local DEIF representative.

Return address

Unless otherwise instructed during the return procedure, you may ship the return product to any of the following DEIF settlements. 

  • DEIF A/S
  • DEIF Electrical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • DEIF India Pvt. Ltd.
  • DEIF Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  • DEIF do Brasil
  • DEIF Inc.

Return cost

Whether covered by warranty or not, the cost and risk associated with returning products to DEIF are to be carried by the customer. The repaired or replaced product shall be (re)delivered ex works (INCOTERMS 2010) from the DEIF office to which the customer returned the product unless other delivery terms are in place with the individual customer (in which case the latter terms shall apply).

Return product procedure

Whether or not covered by warranty please go to our service request form and follow the instructions for reporting and returning defective products. During the return procedure, you may be requested to defer the product returning and to await further instructions from DEIF. Please see our graphic illustration of our return procedure.

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